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It is important that you understand how your data is used by us at Craftylove Photography.

Any information you provide to Craftylove Photography is stored in paper format, on a Password Protected Computer and via Password Protected Hard Drive. It will only used by Craftylove Photography for use for your contract and for HMRC submission when required (by signing your contract you give Craftylove Photography consent to use your data as outlined).

Your data is not passed on freely or sold to any third party and you have a right to access what data we hold by contacting us at any time by contacting us by Phone, Email or via our Website.

All images created during your event are copyrighted to the Photographer, and as an  image can also be considered as biometric information or data, by signing the contract you give Craftylove Photography the consent that the images created are processed in line with this and for the purposes of the event you contracted craftylove Photography for.

Once you have received any digital images by Craftylove Photography for your contracted event, you allow us to store a copy of all images on a password protected computer and Hard Drive for up to 7 years from the date of your contracted event and including Model Release (which allows us to use those images for marketing and social media use). As a minimum, we will store your images for 1 year from the date of the event and may erase all your images after 1 year and before 7 years.

By signing your contract with Craftylove Photography, you “opt-in” to Craftylove Photography contacting you for questions about your contract or to inform you of our decision to erase your data.

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